The Glow Step

The most versatile and secure scissor step available, designed to mount on any truck camper or RV. Heavy-duty construction consists of 100% aluminum and stainless steel. This step features self-illuminating entry/exit for your RV that lasts up to 10 hours with just five minutes of light exposure. High quality stainless bolted hinges allow for easy step addition or removal. Sure-Grip aluminum extrusion eliminates the need for grip tape. Lifetime warranty.

The Glow Step-2 Step

The Glow Step-2 Step

  • Part No.: 441755
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7502
  • Weight: 7.26Kg
The Glow Step-Add-A-Step

The Glow Step-Add-A-Step

  • Part No.: 441750
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7501
  • Weight: 2.73Kg
The Glow Step, 3-Step

The Glow Step, 3-Step

  • Part No.: 441751
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7503
  • Weight: 9.98Kg
The Glow Step, 4-Steps

The Glow Step, 4-Steps

  • Part No.: 441752
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7504
  • Weight: 12.25Kg
The Glow Step, 5-Steps

The Glow Step, 5-Steps

  • Part No.: 441753
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7505
  • Weight: 14.52Kg
The Glow Step, 6-Steps

The Glow Step, 6-Steps

  • Part No.: 441754
  • Manufacture Part No.: A7506
  • Weight: 16.33Kg


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