Useful Info - Water Heater

Water Heater Care
If your water heater starts ´leaking´ from the pressure relief valve you try two things to stop it.

  • Very carefully lift the manual lever on the valve and let it sit back. This may reseat the gasket (USE CAUTION - THE WATER IS HOT!!).

  • You may also need to restore the air gap in the water heater. To do this the unit MUST be off and cool:

    1. Turn off the water pump or city water supply and open hot faucet in the RV.
    2. Next open the drain on the water heater and let all the water drain out.
    3. Close the faucet and with the pressure relief valve OPEN, turn on the water pump. Let the water heater fill until water just starts coming out of the valve.4. Close the valve and restart the water heater.

Water Heater Care #2
Don´t start the water heater unless it is filled with water. The water heater is designed to heat water and can be damaged if run dry.

Put moth balls near the propane lines of the water heater and refrigerator. This will deter spiders.

Water Dripping From The Pressure & Tempreture Relief Valve

  • You may experience water dripping from your water heater's pressure and temperature (P&T) relief valve when your water heater is operating. Water dripping does not mean that the P&T valve is defective. As water is heated, it expands. The water system in a RV is closed and does not allow for the expansion of heated water.

  • One way to reduce the frequency of this occurrence is to maintain an air pocket at the top of the water heater tank. This air pocket will form in the tank by design, however it will be reduced over time by the everyday use of your water heater. To replenish this air pocket:

    1. Turn off the water heater.
    2. Turn off the cold water supply line (or Pump if not connected to the mains water supply).
    3. Open a faucet (tap).
    4. Pull out the handle of the P&T relief valve and allow water to flow from the valve, until it stops.
    5. Release the handle on the P&T valve - it should snap closed.
    6. Close the faucet (tap) and turn on the cold water supply (switch the pump back on). As the tank fills, the air pocket will develop. Repeat this procedure as often as needed to reduce the frequency of the dripping P&T valve.