Useful Info - Waste Tanks

Toilet Paper for Waste Tanks
Your RV dealer will be glad to sell you RV/Marine type toilet paper ´specially´ made for your waste tanks. Usually this is more expensive than regular toilet paper and may not be needed. To check if your TP is OK to use in your RV, put one square of it in a glass of water. It should begin to dissolve quickly. If it does it is OK. Look for toilet paper in the store that says it is OK for all septic systems. Usually the cheapie TP is the best.

To avoid odors and blockages, keep the black-water holding tank valve closed. Maintain adequate water level. Empty only when the tank is at least 1/2 full.

If you have just dumped at the dump station after a weekend or vacation and are headed for home, pour in your usual tank deodorizer and about 2 gallons of water - it will jiggle around as you are headed for home and keep the tank sweet for your next trip.

Always drain the black-water holding tank first. Then drain the grey-water. This helps to clean out your slinky hose.

Buy a container of waterless hand sanitizer and store it with your tank dumping supplies. After you are done dumping, use the sanitizer before getting back in your RV. This will prevent germs from being transferred to door handles and sink faucets while you clean up.