Useful Info - Generator


Do NOT forget to include your genny in the annual service!

Be Considerate
Be considerate of other campers when running your generator. Make sure to follow park guidelines as they relate to quiet times and noise levels. Be aware of your exhaust fumes; no one wants to smell you generator exhaust all day.

Fuel Problems (Petrol Generators)
If you do not run your generator often enough the fuel in the carburetor will go bad. Symptoms of this include rough running or a no start condition. The remedy is to empty out all the old fuel and clean the carburetor out. Be very careful when working around fuel.

Do NOT Play with the Throttle
Do not move the generator throttle linkage by hand. The generator RPM controls the AC output. If you have appliances plugged in (like the microwave and TV - even if the TV is off) you can overload them and severely damage them.

As with all appliances on an RV, even if you do not need to use the generator, it should be run up occasionally and put onto a reasonable load for 15 minutes or so (switch on the air con). Prior to starting, do not forget to check the oil level. By carrying out this periodic check you will ensure that it still starts, and functions correctly.