Useful Info - Battery

Disconnect Your Battery
If you will not be using your RV for any length of time, disconnect the battery. Your RV has many systems that draw a small amount of current all the time. Things like your propane leak detector, tank monitors or digital clocks will draw enough current to drain your house batteries if you are not plugged in to the mains.

Install a Battery Disconnect Switch
If your coach does not have a battery disconnect switch you should install one. These switches go on the house battery and disconnect it from all the house accessories. You can buy them at your RV service centre. Get a good high quality switch that can handle the max current draw of your RV. When you are not using the RV use the switch to disconnect the battery and prevent it from being drained.

Battery Corrosion Cleaning
If your RV battery is getting corrosion on it, you need to clean it to maintain proper electrical flow. Use a mixture of water and baking soda. Spread the mixture on the terminals and let it sit for just a minute. Then rinse the battery with clean water.
Regularly check the fluid level in your battery and top up accordingly; using only ionized water or a proprietary water/acid mix.

Remember that your batteries are the heart of your RV and are responsible for keeping all your systems running. It is therefore very important that you look after them and keep them maintained correctly. Ensure that you have a good earth, as lack of it can cause all manner of electrical problems. Periodically check the terminal connections to ensure that they are tight.