New Motorhomes - Empress Elite

Climate Guard

Born of our northern heritage, Triple E’s exclusive Climate Guard® system is quite simply the best interior comfort and exterior protection package available in the recreational vehicle industry today. The Climate Guard® system has been developed with today’s motorhome enthusiast in mind. It provides year round climate controlled comfort for passengers as well as built in protection for the motorhome itself, ensuring years of trouble free operation and enjoyment.

Interior Comfort

  • Dometic® roof air conditioners, ducted front to rear, control the temperature throughout the coach.
  • High output chassis air conditioner provides travelling comfort.
  • Electronic ignition furnace designed to maintain requested interior temperatures through extreme exterior temperatures.
  • High output chassis heater for quick windshield defrost.
  • A rear auxiliary automotive heater – complete with electric coolant valve – makes travel comfortable while heating the fresh water and holding tank compartments.
  • Vacuum bonded, aluminium framed, insulated sidewall and roof construction provides structural strength and maintained warmth throughout the coach.
  • Coach windows are designed with a dual pane construction – impeding the transfer of cold to make the interior of the window warmer and less subject to condensation.
  • Optional insulated vent covers provide superior insulation for the fantastic fans and roof vents.

Exterior Protection

  • Scratch and hail resistant gel coat fibreglass sidewalls with all weather exterior finish are easy to maintain and will not rust, pit, or fade.
  • A domed, seamless, insulated, one piece FRP Flexroof promotes quick water run off and minimizes exterior maintenance.
  • Urethane undercoating protects against dust and moisture and reduces stone and road noise.
  • Steel enclosed, fibreglass insulated and heated fresh water and holding tanks assure extreme cold climate performance for your plumbing system. Tanks are heated from two different sources – the motorhome’s ducted furnace while parked and the rear auxiliary automotive heater when travelling.
  • Winterization system complete with potable antifreeze pickup kit allows you to easily drain tanks and fill water lines with potable antifreeze.
  • Steel, insulated, and sealed firewall protects the driver and passengers from the outside elements.
  • Additional 1/2" thermal break insulation beyond the standard 1" block insulation separates the climate controlled interior from the outside elements.