New Motorhomes - Embassy & Embassy Diesel

Colours and Décor

Both Embassy and Embassy Diesel can be personalized to your own tastes with your choice of four interior décor combinations and one of six available floor plans. Each design motif has been selected by professional interior designers to skilfully coordinate all visual elements for an overall effect that is both warm and inviting.

The Embassy is equipped with Filon Plus filoplated smooth exterior sidewalls. Extremely dent and weather resistant, these panels will keep your motorhome looking its best for years to come.


  Embassy Diesel Only (Optional Full Body Paint)
Standard Aztec Indigo Santa Fe
colour aztec Indigo Santa fe


  Great Plains   Wrangler   Structure   Niagara Falls
Sofa colour   colour    
Bedspread colour      
Accent colour      
Carpet   colour   colour  
Captain Chairs   colour   colour   colour

Cabinet Options
Raised solid oak cabinet doors and door fronts are both beautiful and durable.

Autumn Oak

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