New Motorhomes - Commander


The major considerations in building a top quality motorhome are long lasting beauty coupled with the ability to stand up to all weather conditions. The coach is an aluminium and steel framed structure with vacuum bonded gel coat fibreglass sidewalls and a domed roof finished with a seamless FRP Flexroof.


  1. One Piece Woven Poly-Propylene Underbelly
  2. 3/8" Plywood
  3. Tubular Steel Framing (Welded)
  4. Block Insulation Filled Wall Support Plates
  5. 1" Block Insulation
  6. 1/2" Plywood
  7. Carpet Underlay
  8. Carpeting (Floor covering)


  1. Seamless Fibreglass Exterior
  2. Lauan Structural Backer
  3. Aluminium Framing (Welded)
  4. Block Insulation Filled Floor and Roof Plate
  5. 1" Block Insulation
  6. 1/2" Block Insulation Thermal Break
  7. Interior Decorative Luaun Wall Panels


  1. One Piece FRP Flexroof
  2. Lauan Backer
  3. Aluminium Roof Truss
  4. Block Insulation Filled Roof Truss Supports
  5. 1 1/2" Block Insulation
  6. Enclosed/Insulated Climate Control Ducting
  7. 2" Block Insulation Thermal Break
  8. 3/8" Plywood
  9. Padded Vinyl Headliner