New Motorhomes - 210 Versatile Chevrolet

210 Versatile Chevrolet

The ultimate SUV to travel in…
with room for company!

When you have places to go and people to see… and you want the option to take friends or family along… or want room to entertain others you meet along the way, the Roadtrek 210-Versatile is the answer!

As one of our 210 models, the 210-Versatile enjoys the same overall architecture and many of the same features of the 210-Popular but there are many differences. Two swiveling captain’s seats and two forward facing lounge seats provide belted seating for four up front. Simply pivot the captain’s seats and with the cloverleaf dining table you have the best seats in the house for whatever is on the menu - dinner, conversation or games.

The L-shaped lounge at the back does double duty… not only does it make a great place to watch a movie with the optional flat screen TV and DVD player, but it makes into a supremely comfortable queen-size bed. With a queen-size bed, the new 210-Versatile will please those who want a longer or wider bed than the 190-Versatile but prefer not to lose seating for four at the front.

Every cubic inch inside the 210-Versatile was carefully thought out by our designers and engineers. It’s all in the details, like the slide-out can, jar and spice rack in the galley, built-in storage organizer in the wardrobe and an armrest with built-in storage.

Think of all those destinations you aspire to visit; like Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and the Florida Keys (not to mention the friends and relatives you look forward to visiting). Let the 210-Versatile inspire you to go!

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6.0 L SFI petrol V8
223 kW/300 HP
490 N-m/360 ft. lbs.
Fuel capacity
117 L/31 US gal.
6680 mm/21' 11"
(with continental kit)
2590 mm/8' 6"
Width (not inc. mirrors)
2240 mm/7' 4"

Interior Layout

1 Fridge/Microwave; 2 Sink;
Stove; 4 TV/DVD/VCR;
Toilet; 6 Wardrobe;
Privacy Door; 8 Shower

210 Versatile Chevrolet Interior

210 Versatile Chevrolet Interior