New Motorhomes - 210 Popular Chevrolet

210 Popular Chevrolet

The Class B Motorhome Redefined!

The 210-Popular represents the ultimate fusion of design, engineering and functionality. The end result - meeting the current and future needs of people who want more than conventional thinking in their class B motorhome.

Based on the same Chevrolet Express 3500 series extended van and with a similar physical appearance to our Roadtrek 190 models, the new 210 is a true widebody class B motorhome since we start with a full van body, not just the cab. By doing so we can get a long (155") wheelbase for better ride and handling without having to take dual rear wheels. We extend the frame 18" behind the rear wheels resulting in an overall length of 21' 11" to which we add a fully painted steel cage reinforced fiberglass body. Rather than jutting out after the cab, this stunning body widens gradually to a maximum of 9" at the rear wheels then gently tapers to the rear. We've retained the original Chevrolet side entry door and rear doors for easier loading, better air circulation, single door key and power locks. This great design is complemented with lightweight ABS ground effects and will make for many years of trouble free RVing.

The w-i-d-e body means more… more headroom (74"), more aisle width (32"), more room in the bathroom, more storage space, and more sleeping area (there's even a 4 cu. ft. refrigerator raised for easier access!). All this extra space comes without the bulk typical of so-called B+ motorhomes and other class C's. In short, there's more RV while keeping those winning Roadtrek characteristics our customers have come to expect - the convenience and ease of driving a van or SUV.

The exterior features a brand new hidden storage compartment between the axles that's drawer mounted for easier access. Three additional drawers are mounted for auxiliary batteries, external connections and storage.

A macerator sewage pump chops up any solids and tissue in the black water tank and ejects the entire contents through a convenient 1 ¼" hose. No mess, no fuss - now that's forward thinking! A new 600W 110/12V inverter allows the use of the flat screen TV, DVD player, or a slow cooker from the 12V battery when you can't get a power connection. A 3-step charger system provides a "trickle" charge so that the battery charge levels are maintained when the vehicle's not in use.

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6.0 L SFI petrol V8
223 kW/300 HP
490 N-m/360 ft. lbs.
Fuel capacity
117 L/31 US gal.
6680 mm/21' 11"
(with continental kit)
2590 mm/8' 6"
Width (not inc. mirrors)
2240 mm/7' 4"

Interior Layout
1 Fridge/Microwave; 2 Sink;
Stove; 4 TV/DVD/VCR;
Toilet; 6 Wardrobe;
Privacy Door; 8 Shower

210 Popular Chevrolet Interior