New Motorhomes - 200 Popular Chevy Widebody

200 Popular Chevy Widebody

Your hunt for the perfect RV is over with the Roadtrek widebody van! Whether you're taking in the latest auction, or searching out that secret paradise, you'll have all the room you'll ever need!

The sleek one-piece fibreglass body is 7" wider than regular vans - but, talk about style! It bears the streamlined automotive lines of the Chevy van. The body flows gradually wider from just behind the cab doors to the rear axle, then gently tapers to the rear. A one-piece body means no seams or joints to leak, and no fibreglass or plastic extensions to fill the gaps between original and widened body panels.

With it's maximum width in the middle, the 200 sports a 30" wide aisle where two adults can pass with ease. Add an impressive standing height of 6'3" and you have room untouched in its class! When it's time for culinary creations, you'll appreciate the galley's expanded counter space, additional work surfaces and a generous 4-cubic foot refrigerator.

At bed time 200-Popular owners will enjoy a dinette that converts to either 6'4" twin beds with a removable night table, or a 6'4" by 6'5" king-size bed. With either model, your dreams have finally been realized!

Enjoy the drive! The 200 is the only widebody to use the superior Chevy chassis. Its spacious cab has tons of leg room for easier swiveling of the captain's seats and easier movement to the rear. The panoramic windows make sure you don't miss any of mother nature's glory.

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6.0 L SFI petrol V8
223 kW/300 HP
490 N-m/360 ft. lbs.
Fuel capacity
6375 mm/21' 0"
5510 mm/18' 1"
(with continental kit)
2590 mm/8' 6"
Width (not inc. mirrors)
2210 mm/7' 3"

Interior Layout
1 Sink; 2 Stove; 3 Wardrobe;
4 TV/VCR; 5 Toilet; 6 Fridge;
7 Privacy door; 8 Shower;